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    Connecticut ATV Forum Rules

    Post  JamieD on Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:16 pm

    By registering on Connecticut ATV, you agree to obey all of the following rules. This is a private forum that is dedicated to organizing Connecticut's 70,000+ ATV owners. This forum is designed to foster a community that can present State of Connecticut Officials that there is an unprecedented need for the development of LEGAL ATV trail loops. The following rules will be enforced by moderators.

    There will be no personal attacks against other members. If a problem occurs within a member's thread, you will not be reminded to take the grievance to private message. We do not sponsor drama on this forum, and the thread will be immediately deleted following account suspension/banning of the violating member(s).

    Please post in the correct forum and research before you post a question. You are encouraged to use the search before posting a frequently asked question.

    Please use descriptive and grammatically correct thread titles.

    Please keep "bumping" (replying to a topic for the sole purpose of moving it to the top of the forum) to a minimum, especially in the trader section.

    Absolutely NO VENDOR ADVERTISEMENT allowed in the trader section; private classifieds only.

    Private sales that take place within the trader section are not affiliated with the domain name and are strictly private classifieds. If a member has an issue with a seller in the trader section, they should contact a moderator who will act accordingly in pertinence to the situation.

    Posts involving sexually explicit or racially offensive content will be immediately removed following permanent account ban.

    "Post Whoring" (Creating multiple threads or posts within a brief period of time) is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

    Please use offsite image/video hosting websites such as or when possible.

    One account per person. If you register multiple accounts, the will be removed. If your account is banned, and you register a new account, we can and will automatically ban that account.

    A member's signature must be ORV related. Nothing that is not work safe will be tolerated. Image size is limited to 20k and may be no larger than 300x180 pixels. Use discretion here people; a huge signature image is just plain obnoxious.

    Thank you for following the rules and contributing to Connecticut's growing ATV community!

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